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龙岩商务英语口语培训哪里好?职场商务英语——多久跳一次槽最合适? - 莫妮卡 - 乐知英语的博客 

       With unemployment at a 26-year high as the grinding downturn wears on many people are being forced into job changes─if theyre lucky enough to find new jobs. But for those still employed and managing their careers theres a perennial question How often should you change jobs?


  During the recent boom it was common to hear advice that frequent jobs changes were the way to take advantage of the fast-moving economy maximize personal opportunities and use leverage to get pay raises. Long over were the days of professional loyalty employees to employers and vice versa when people clocked life-long careers at the same company. The career adviser and blogger Penelope Trunk for example counseled her readers in 2007 that staying in one job forever is todays recipe for career suicide.

  不久前经济繁荣的时候,常常会听到这样的建议,认为频繁跳槽可以从快速发展的经济中得到好处,实现个人机会最大化,并借以实现加薪。员工对雇主忠心耿耿、一辈子待在同一家公司的时代早已过去,反过来也是一样。举例来说,就业咨询师兼博客作者特伦克(Penelope Trunk)2007年就给读者提出了忠告:一辈子只干一个工作如今就等于断送自己的职业生涯。




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  "At the beginning of ones career it is nearly impossible to find something right without trying a bunch of options" Ms. Trunk wrote. "After that you will experience more personal growth from changing jobs frequently than staying in one job for extended periods of time. And if you change jobs frequently you build an adaptable skill set and a wide network which are the keys to being able to find a job whenever you need to."


  All of that advice might well remain apt today but the recession has changed the calculus for many workers. Alison Green a staffing manager at a nonprofit wrote earlier this year in a guest post on a U.S. News & World Report blog that a clear-eyed assessment of the possible downsides is crucial in changing jobs in this environment.

  上述建议现在可能依然适用,但衰退改变了许多人的小算盘。在一家非营利机构任招聘经理的格林(Alison Green)今年早些时候在《美国新闻与世界报导》(U.S. News & World Report)杂志的一篇客座博客文章中写道,在当前形势下跳槽,对可能的不利方面进行清晰的评估至关重要。

  "Obviously it would be silly to say people should never change jobs in a bad economy"Ms. Green wrote. "Maybe you can find your dream job or a way out of a career sinkhole or a financial windfall. But if there was ever a time to proceed with some extra caution and not leap rashly its now."


  Indeed in more recent advice on her blog Penelope Trunk answers the question "How can I change careers without taking a pay cut?" this way "You cannot change careers without taking a pay cut. It is childish to ask this question. So stop asking it. Instead live below your means so you are not a slave to your career choice."


  Ultimately as with so many aspects of the juggle its all about determining what works best for you. For my part Ive worked here at the Journal for about nine years albeit in three different positions. In that time my wife has had five stints at four organizations. While no situation is perfect were both fulfilled and growing professionally.


  Whats your take on the right pace of job or career changes? Have your views changed with the downturn? How often have you switched positions either within the same company or at different employers?


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